Dean Farms Cover Crops LLC. was started in 2011 after many years of using various cover crops on our farms. Our first experience with cover crops was in the early 1980's when we planted hairy vetch following wheat harvest. Since that first field, we have continued to research newly developed cover crops that will stop soil erosion, enhance soil health and improve water quality.

Dean Farms Cover Crops LLC. is now a warehouse and dealer for Saddle Butte Ag located in Shedd, Oregon. We inventory large amounts of the most commonly used cover crop seed, with the availability of many of the newest developing varieties.

Today, on our own and neighboring farms, we plant various mixes of cover crops into wheat stubble, corn and soybeans. Wheat stubble is typically drilled with mixes of annual rye grass, cahaba vetch, crimson clover, and radish. Corn and soybean fields are interseeded with a high clearance Miller Nitro applicator, most often utilizing annual rye grass, cereal rye and radish.

The goal of Dean Farms Cover Crop Sales and Service is to help other farmers experience greater profits by utilizing cover crops while being better environmental stewards of the land.

  • Allen Dean: Owner and Manager of Dean Farms a long term no-till and cover crop farm in Northwest Ohio
  • Shelly Dean: Office Manager
  • Tony Dean: Equipment operator in charge of spraying, harvesting and cover crop seed application
  • Dave Wines: Equipment operator, truck driver and mechanic

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